The lot this home is built on is richly steeped in history.  Flat Rock was settled by a South Carolina rice baron named Charles Hayward Barring.  His laborers were very skilled masons and carpenters from another era. 


Flat Rock is named for its expanse of flat exposed granite outcroppings.  Part of settling Flat Rock would mean building homes, farms, churches and post offices.  In those days a good foundation needed to be made of stone.  They followed the granite outcroppings to the edge and began to quarry stone for their buildings.  The first home to be built in Flat Rock was Mr. and Mrs. Barrings "Mountain Lodge".  The Barrings also built a church and named it "St. Johns In The Wilderness".  The magnitude of these two buildings called for a road to be built from the stone quarry to the build site, about a mile or so as the crow flies.  This road was used daily by horse and wagon to bring quarried stone to the masons.  As the horse and wagon would bounce along the "Old Quarry Road", rocks would fall out of the tall wagon, but the load had to keep moving.  That left the job to someone else to clear the road for the return trip.  The stones that fell onto the road were stacked off to the side, building a stone wall all along the road.  The Old Quarry Road was opened in 1813 and closed in 1836

When we began to clear the lot for this house we uncovered the "Old Quarry Road".  There was one area of the wall that had more attention paid to it than the rest.  It was the only place in the entire road that had mortar between the stones in the wall, showing us that this place was special in some way.  In an attempt to honor this place, we took a compass reading in the direction this section of the wall was facing.  Just as if you were sitting atop the wall and looking out over the changing landscape of Flat Rock.  We placed the new home facing the exact same direction,  333° N NW

hand cut stone

Feng Shui

The number 3 repeats itself many times in the layout of this home.  As described in the "History" section above, the main part of the home faces exactly 333° North, North West....  The East wing faces 33° North, North East....  The west wing faces 273° West....  2+7+3= 12 = 3+3+3+3.

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Kuykendall the Bear

Flat Rock is a very wooded community and home to all sorts of wildlife.  There are several Black Bear that live in the area and they walk up and down Memminger Creek because the corridor is not developed.  Memminger creek crosses the bottom of this property and the bears are seen often in the warmer months.  


Abraham Kuykendall moved into what we call Flat Rock in the late 1700"s.  He had amassed quite a fortune and opened the first tavern in the area.  As pioneers began to travel here, Mr. Kuykendall would only accept gold and silver coins for payment.  His much younger wife was said to have a fancy for the Native American jewelry and  souvenirs that were brought by travelers and traders.  In an effort to protect his fortune, Mr. Kuykendall buried his coins deep in Flat Rock Forest.  Abraham was in his 90's when he died.  He died trying to find his treasure.  It has never been found, even to this day!  It was reported to be a 25 gallon cast iron wash pot full of gold and silver coins.

The combination of these facts and locations yielded the perfect name, Kuykendall the Bear!

kuykendall the bear 107 boyd dr flat rock nc 28731
Kuykendall the bear carved in a stump
chainsawing Kuykendall the bear Billy Reynolds